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Why Vacuum Bags Are More Suitable For Chicken Packaging?

 If you are one of the frozen food manufacturers or retailers, you need to emphasize on choosing the best suitable frozen food packaging solution for your particular products. You have to select chicken bags which are able to shelter your product and keep it fresh for prolonged period of time. Here at Swiss Pac, we have stock vacuum bags, which would be one of the best chicken and meat packaging solutions as they are able to protect the products from moisture, oxygen, odor, vapor and any other bacterial contamination.

We invented stock vacuum bags which are used to store products so they that they have longer shelf life and retain its properties. These bags would be a best packaging solution for various food products including

  • Coffee and tea

  • Meat and chicken

  • Fish packaging

  • Pet food packaging

  • Vegetables packaging

  • Cheese packaging and lots more.

In vacuum packaging, for the process for storing the food products, the excess air is removed from the package prior to the sealing. This technique prevents crushing of delicate frozen foods. We utilize seven layers of plastic, ensuring the durability of our packaging products. We use various plastic materials like LLDPE, BOPP and BOPA for producing our vacuum chicken bags. We offer stock as well as custom printed vacuum packaging bags in various shapes like side gusset bags, flat bottom bags, side seal bags and many others. Our chicken bags are also inclusive of several accessories such as

  • Zip closure

  • Tear notch

  • Euro slot

  • Degassing valve

  • Transparent window

Our stock vacuum bags have become the new way to safeguard fresh produce against moist and other harmful molecules that could spoil the products, and limit the growth of aerobic bacteria. With these bags, the freshness and taste of the chicken would be preserved for long period of time. We offer these bags in several sizes; you are free to choose the size and color of these bags as per your requirements.

If you any doubt and question for our packages, then you can feel free to contact us. We consider it our great pleasure to give the answers of your questions and very delighted to serve you at the best possible way with our packaging products.

Advantages of Using Stand Up Pouches for Sugar Packaging

Choosing the right and effective sugar packaging is very critical for several numbers of reasons. The structure of the packaging bags and pouches should be able to provide shelter to various sugar forms and are able to preserve the freshness, sweetness and texture of the products.

Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches


We provide highly durable and flexible stand up pouches, which are manufactured by utilizing the supreme class basic materials with the help of cutting edge technology. These superior quality pouches are inclusive of metalized or aluminium foil lamination so that they would be the right sugar packaging solution, which are able to protect form moisture, vapor, odor and any other negative elements. These pouches are also inclusive of various plastic films such as PPE, MET, BOPP,  LLDPE,  PE

We also provide custom printed stand up pouches, which are manufactured by using the latest rotogravure technique. These custom printed pouches are available up to nine colours and are printed with company logo, brand name and other useful information about the products.


So these custom printed sugar packaging pouches are able to take your company brand building to another level and distinguishing your products from that of the competitors.

Sugar Packaging

Sugar Packaging

Our stand up pouches are also added with various modifications including Euro slot, Degassing valve, Tear notch, Transparent window, Zip closure

These modifications provide better preservation of the products and more convenience to the consumers. These stand up pouches are useful for packaging various forms of sugar such as powdered sugar, icing sugar, caster sugar, raw sugar and many others. Our sugar pouches are FDA approved so they are one of the reliable one. And we offer these pouches at the most competitive prices. So our stand up pouches would be one of the versatile, durable and cost effective sugar packaging solutions.

Pharmaceutical Packaging, Packaging healthy life

In this new age world healthy body is a must. As said by Jess C. Scott, the new fashion statement is healthy and fit body. All of us have a wish and expectation to stay longer in life. What helps us stay longer? It is the development in bio sciences and pharmaceutical industries that keep making new medicines and supplements that helps us stay longer life.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging

These pharmaceutical products as in medicines, capsules, powders, ointments etc are required to be stored and transported properly so that it is acquired by consumer in right shape and properties. This creates an urge for perfect pharmaceutical packaging solution. We here at Swiss Pac understand the importance of life and thus we provide perfect solution for all types pharmacy products packaging. Swiss Pac provides metalized laminated packaging which provides protection from sun light, UV rays and other outside harmful beams. We offer different types of laminations and foils which best suits to store your product.

Pharmaceutical Packaging is made available in stock as well as custom printed format with up to 9 color rotogravure printing. We choose the correct material and lamination as per the product to be stored inside. Available with customer friendly features like euro slot, carry handles, tear notch, rounded corners etc. you can now order Pharmaceutical Packaging at Swiss Pac and enjoy a longer healthy life.

Coffee Packaging, the way we do it

Coffee is like a morning alarm for almost 60% humans in the world. Every morning the aroma of coffee delights the consumer and makes him fresh and alive. For this aroma and taste to reach at till customers it requires perfect storage and transport. For that perfect packaging we provide special coffee bags that are ideal to store all types of coffee.

Coffee Bag
Coffee Bag

We here at Swiss Pac manufacture coffee bags that have features. . Coffee bag is also available in different patterns like stock coffee bag, custom printed coffee bag, coffee bags with valve, stand up pouch, flat bottom bag, side gusset bag, paper coffee bag, plastic coffee bag and coffee bag with zipper. Coffee bag is available for packaging of coffee powder, coffee bean, roasted coffee bean and also for the green coffee bean.

The most important characteristics of the coffee bag is it has a degassing valve. Actually this valve is not developed for the consumer but it is from the manufacturer. After coming out of the roaster freshly roasted coffee beans will emit co2 up to 24 hours. If you bagged this roasted coffee into air tight bags then is is not good for the coffee because they would quickly fill up with co2 and burst open.

The solution of this problem is very simple, do one thing let it sit out for 24 hours before packaging. Well if it were that simple we would not have coffee bags with valve today. When coffee is exposed to open air it goes stale very quickly. Because of this consumers would hardly have their coffee few days before it became tasteless. To overcome this one special thing is developed that would let the carbon dioxide out without allowing oxygen in, this is done by use of a simple valve. As a result customer around the world rejoice as coffee fresh from the roast is bagged into airtight containers that keep their wonderful coffee beans fresh.

Stand Up Pouches Manufacturers

Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches

In the early days food products and other materials were stored in large leaves or animal skin to keep it fresh and clean. With the development in science and technology then came a new storing practice where products were stored in aluminum cans, paper bags, cloth bags etc but like every coin has two sides these methods has its own pros and cons. It was difficult to store moisture products in cloth and paper produced bags, aluminum cans were heavy and faced difficulty in transporting. The problems faced with the old school methods of transporting, storing and preserving food and other products with the help of technology era, there evolved a new material plastic, which is water resistant as well as solved the persisting problems.

Swiss Pac introduced Stand Up Pouches which are made of plastic. As the name suggests Stand Up pouches are the ones which have the property to stand on shelf hence giving strong and longer shelf life. These are available in variety of shapes and sizes with friendly features like zipper enclosure, tear notch, strong shelf presence, aroma retention valve for coffee beans storage, handles like T-shirt patch handle, die cut, rigid and soft look, attractive billboard for label and graphics.

These plastic Stand Up Pouches are created from oil purification process which utilizes only 4% of oil used for total world’s production. It is a biochemical manipulation of polymer, which behaves plastically with 100% virgin resins used. Stand up pouches have strong, smooth and good appearance available in many colors like blue red, green, cyan, white, black as per customer requirement which makes it more eye catchy. Even stock stand up clear pouches are available for customers with low budget value we have stock stand up pouches that are made with Calcium Carbonate and recycled materials additively to make strong bags, called impact modifier. Customers who needs easily destroyable bags then we add EPI or DW2 with 1% or 2% when extruding. Swiss Pac offers Stand Up Pouches as per customer’s needs and satisfaction.

Environment Affable Packaging

With our apprehension towards mother Earth. Swiss Pac has drawn closer with an initiative to create Biodegradable Bags. On this auspicious day we would like to enlighten our customers towards Biodegradable bags and Spout Pouch. These are available in flexible sizes, patterns , stock as well as custom printed bags are available.

Swiss Pac offers these bags which are eco friendly products as well as fulfils all the needs like transport ease, storage ease, durability, longer Shelf life and many more. Pouch are available of following details:- Pouch Length: 265MM+/-2MM, Pouch Lenth: 190MM+/-2MM, Gussets: 55MM+/-2MM, Zipper Width: 13MM+/-0.05MM, Pouch Weight: 15.32GM.

We would appreciate your efforts for enhancing our ambience by using environment friendly products.