Printed Rolls

Printed Rolls

We manufacture flexible packaging custom printed rolls since 1992. We can make different rolls in different combinations as per customer specifications.

We can use materials to make rolls such as metalized lamination, aluminum foil, BOPA/ NYLON film, ALOX film, SIOX film, Polyester, BOPP, metalized polyester, CPP, heat sealable BOPP, matt finish Bopp, brown kraft paper, poster paper, white glassine paper etc.

We have capacity to make the rolls in multi film laminates where different property of film gets to gather in lamination so the product packed inside gets very good desired shelf life.

Please inform our sales team about the following so we can decide the best suited materials can give you the prices.
Product to pack : after knowing what is your product we will decide best suited material combination.

Window required or non window bags : after knowing this we will decide the films accordingly for lamination.

Weight of the product : we want to know the weight of the product to pack inside because this will decide the thickness of material.

Final style of the pouch : After knowing this we can decide material thickness, material combination, eye mark position etc.

Roll width and repeat length of the bag / pouch : after knowing this we will be able to give you the price in meters.

Design by email : we want your design by email so we can see how many colors are involved and what minimum quantity we can print. We can print upto 9 to 10 colors design.