Plastic Scoops

measuring scoops

We manufacture, stock and supply plastic measuring scoops. We can measure accurate measurements of solid, liquid or powder products in plastic scoops. We have ready stock of 1ml to 100 ml scoops ready in stock. Our stock colors are clear and blue which we always keep ready. Our scoops are made of Polypropylene or Polyethylene. We have capability to make custom size or custom style plastic scoops where customer can give us their requirements like small handle, big handle, any custom color etc.

Accurate measurement is important because without precise dosage the product result may vary. Our measuring spoons can be used in pharmaceuticals, protein powders, pesticides, food products, liquids, powder products or any granules where precise dose is required.

We can also make any shape of measurement spoons. The spoons can be given separately outside the bottle or container or sometime we can fix the measurement cup on the top of cap in bottle. If the product is in powder or granule form than we can keep the spoon inside the container or plastic bags.

           Our scoops are Food grade certified and FDA approved.