Plastic Zipper

We manufacture PE {polyethylene} and PP {Polypropylene} zippers which can be used in any type of flexible packaging industry.

Our Plastic zipper can be made in custom size from 2mm to 50 mm in size. We can make press lock zippers with different colors. Our zippers are special because it can seal in low temperature so the finish of the pouch where the zippers is sealed is very crisp. We can increase the speed of the machine because our zippers need low temperature and less sealing time.

We had developed Polypropylene zippers for microwave pouches, retort pouches or hot food filling. This zip can withstand extreme high temperature. We have a special plastic zipper for chicken bags, or pre cooked food or hot served food packaging. Our lock in zip is specially designed where the liquid cannot come outside the zippers.

We understand zippers very well and our zippers are easy to open from outside and very hard to open from inside. Our zipper cannot open from inside and can withstand high pressure from inside the pouch so powder filling is possible in pouches.

Packing of zippers: We have Paper spools and plastic spools of 2000 and 3000 meters. We pack 4000 meters loose zipper in one paper box.

Plastic zipper plastic zip lock zipper plastic zip