Quad seal bags

Quad seal bags

Quad seal bags looks like box pouch packaging style. These bags are getting much popular because the bag looks like box and we can print the graphics on all the four sides of the bag. So the bag looks very good due to this.

Quad seal bags comes with all the four side sealed and also the top is sealed. One side of the bag will be kept opened so we can fill the product from the open side and than seal
the bag with heat sealing machine.

These bags can be used to pack products like coffee, tea, fertilizer, pulses, chocolates,nuts, protein powder etc.

We manufacture quad sealed bags with custom material combination and custom printing possible in Brown kraft paper, white paper, plastic, bopp, Polyester film, BOPA film etc.

We can also infuse one way degassing valves in quad seal bags for coffee packaging.We can make euro hook, rounded corners, round hanging hole, k seal bottom etc in quad sealed bags.

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