Protein powder / Supplements packaging

Protein powder  Supplements packaging

Protein powder needs high moisture barrier and oxygen barrier packaging because sugar which is present inside forms lumps if not kept away from moisture and water.

Traditionally protein powder was packed in plastic containers or jars. This jars / containers are very expensive and the list is as follows…..

  • Pet containers / jars require very big space for storage so transportation cost is very expensive. We can send 100000 containers or jars in one truck compared with 700000 stand up pouch in one container. So we can save 700% in fuel cost.
  • containers are not eco friendly as stand up pouches because it requires more fuel for transportation and high carbon emission due to more space for transporting the goods.
  • Plastic rigid containers are made with more plastic of around 250% more plastic than stand up pouches. So containers are not environmentally friendly.
  • containers or jars requires adhesive labels to stick on them for branding. This is extra cost. While purchasing the manufacturer will not inform about this and the customer ends up paying add on to the basic cost.
  • containers also requires sealing wads to make the bottle air tight and for moisture protection. This is again add on cost for the customer.
  • Plastic containers for protein powder packaging requires temper evident shrink sleeve on the mouth of the lid to make the container temper proof. This will also add the cost for the customer.

So overall the customer ends up paying 350 to 400% more cost than our stand up pouches or flat bottom bags.

We can make 2 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs, and 16 lbs stand up pouches or flat bottom bags with handle and zipper. This bag is very easy to carry as the bag has handle and the bag can be relocked with the help of resealable zip. We can make customized printing in our pouches as per your artwork submitted. Please call us our sales team for any questions..

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