Pillow Pouches

Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches are the most traditional type of packaging used in the market. These type of pouch packaging is used since many years and they are one of the most cheapest style of packaging available.

Pillow pouch has one side open mouth so we can fill the product inside and then seal it with heat sealing machine. Pillow pouch has sealing on the back side in center and there is a seal on the top side. Bottom side is open for customer to fill the product.

We can make custom printed pillow pouches in aluminum foil laminates, matt finish, matt finish window, shiny finish window, shiny finish pillow pouches, brown paper, white paper etc. Please let us know what you want to pack and what shelf life you require for your product so we can design material according to your requirement.

We can pack following products in pillow pouches like potato crisps, banana crisps, snacks, biscuits, dried meat, nuts, dried fish, extruded food products, bakery products, spices, herbs, powder products, grains, pulses etc.

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