Stock Side Gusset Bags With Valve

Stock Side Gusset Bags With Valve

We manufacture and stock side gusset bags with valve. Our stock side gusset bag with valves is good for micro and small coffee roasters who require very small quantity to pack their coffee.

Our bags has very good oxygen retention and water vapour retention capacity so coffee packaged will stay fresh for very long time without any problem. We have one way degassing valve installed in side gusset bags so now the customers can fill coffee immediately after roasting beans so coffee beans do not oxidize and taste of coffee do not change.

Size gusset bags means there is a gusset on side, sealing on back side on center. We can have full access of front side where printed labels can be placed for branding. Our pouches do have k sealing on bottom so the bag is one side open. After filling coffee beans we need to heat seal with the help of heat sealer.

We have many colors available in this style of bags like black, matt silver, shiny gold, matt gold, red, green, blue, matt white etc. Please check photos for further information. We stock side gusset bags in different sizes from 28 gram to 3 kgs.

Measuring a side Gusset Pouch

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