Sugar Packaging

Sugar Packaging

Now a days sugar are packaged in paper or thin cardboard, although now it is also available in plastic packaging.Five years ago Bottom-gussetted stand up pouches with resealable zippers were introduced.

Our Sugar Packaging Bags are made from good quality and hygienic materials, our bags protect the sugar from any kind of contamination, moisture, vapor, odor, ants and their brethren,always ensure the sugar stays pristine and sweet.our sugar packaging bags are available at most competitive prices.The stand up pouches are designed into multiple film layers laminated together.

Stand up bag Stevia packaging is puncture resistant and durable for safe transport and long shelf life.Tear notches and zipper type closure are available for easy opening and simple and secure storage for reducing spillage and spoilage.

Sugar packaging in stand up pouches means no more granules in the pantry and and eye catching and attractive resealable packaging on the shelf. Stevia packaging can be done in custom printing with up to 10 colors and alternative lables can be applied to front and back side of stand up pouches. Stevia packaging ranges includes white cane sugar, raw sugar, caster sugar, brown Stevia and icing sugar.

Sugar Packaging Stand Up Pouches
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