Pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging

In pharmaceutical packaging there is always unique demand from all the customers. Some customer requires special packaging for products like capsules, tablets, liquid, powder etc.

We can do any type of product packaging. We can make custom printed bags with 9 colors of rotogravure printing and lamination with aluminum foil, PE, metalized lamination, paper, brown kraft paper, white paper, biodegradable packaging, transparent clear bags and custom printed rolls etc. We need to select material depending on what product you want to pack. We help our customers to select products they want to pack in medical or pharmaceutical packaging.

We can make any type of OTR and WVTR to match our customers special requirements.

We can make stand up pouches, side gusset bags, pillow pouches, gusset bags seal on sides, flat bottom pouches, three side seal bags. Custom print facility is available upto 9 colors.

Medicine Packaging Zipper Bags
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