Stock Stand Up Pouch With Valve

Stock Stand Up Pouch With Valve

We have stock stand up pouches in many different colors and sizes ready available in stock. Our minimum is one box {500 or 1000 bags depending on size}.

Our stock pouches is very good for startup companies or the companies who have many different product and cannot afford to custom print due to high plate / cylinder cost and bare minimum quantity. So the any one can purchase our stock pouch and fix label on our bags and brand their own packaging. So after the product and brand is working well the customer does have option for custom print. In this way there is bare minimum investment for startup companies in packaging. We also have zippers and tear notch in
our stand up pouches so the customer can reseal the packaging after use.

This packaging is very much convenient for the end customer because it has zipper and this packaging design is unique as it stands on itself due to bottom gusset so in supermarket or shops this packing stands so the customer sees this packaging fast and the chances for sales is very high compared with traditional bags where it cannot stand and compulsory have to stack traditional packaging.

These pouches are made with aluminum foil metalized laminates so the product can stay fresh for very long time compared with LDPE or PE bags. We oval window, crystal clear, both side color, metalized look, matt silver look stand up pouches.

Measuring Stand Up Pouch

Flexible Packaging
Clear / Clear
Fertilizer Packaging
Matt Gold / Matt Gold
Tea Packaging
Shiny Silver / Shiny Silver
Cheese Packaging
Black / Black
Sea Food Packaging
Shiny Silver / Clear
Nuts packaging
Black / Clear
Bath Salt Packaging
Matt Gold / Clear
Salt Packaging
Matt Silver / Clear
Spice Packaging
Shiny Gold / Clear
Protein Powder Packaging
Green / Clear
Medicine Packaging
Red / Clear
Dog Food Bags
Blue / Clear
Organic Food Packaging
Green / Green
Coffee Packaging
Red / Red
Pet Food Packaging
Blue / Blue
Vegetable Packaging
Shiny Gold / Shiny Gold
Chocolate Packaging
Matt Silver / Matt Silver
Coffee Pouches
Shiny White / Shiny White
Paper Bags
Brown paper bags
/ Brown paper bags
Cat Food Bags
Photograph Of Bottom
Gusset In
Stand Up Pouch
Paper Packaging
Brown Paper bags / Brown Paper bags
Bird Seed Packaging
Matt black / Matt black
Food Packaging
Matt white / Matt white
Kraft Paper Bags
Kraft brown paper bags with zipper oval window
kraft Brown Paper Bags
High barrier paper like bags with window & zipper
Jute look Bags
Jute look High Barrier bags with zipper foil lined
Golden Fiber Bags
Jute Look High Barrier Bags

Oval window pouches

Flexible Packaging
Food Bags
Stand Up Bags
Matt Gold
Stand Packaging
Matt Silver
Stand Up Packaging
Food Packaging
kraft Brown Paper Bags
High barrier paper
like bags with
window & zipper
Kraft Bags
Kraft brown paper
bags with zipper
oval window