1. What is the delivery time of your products?

  • For our stock pouches orders the delivery time if 3 to 5 days.

2. If I want to buy your stock pouches, what is the Minimum order quantity?

  • For our stock pouches the minimum order quantity depends on the size of the bag. Get more information from our sales team.

3. For the customized bags, what is the minimum order quantity?

  • In this case our minimum order quantity is 15.000 bags per desing/size.

4. Can I get samples of your products?

  • Yes, we are always happy to send you samples of our products. Simply let us know what your requirements are and the delivery address.

5. Do I need a special sealer for sealing the pouches?

  • No, you can use a table top heat sealer if you are hand packaging the pouches. If you are using autimated packaging, you might need a specialist heat sealer for sealing your pouches.