Why Vacuum Bags Are More Suitable For Chicken Packaging?

 If you are one of the frozen food manufacturers or retailers, you need to emphasize on choosing the best suitable frozen food packaging solution for your particular products. You have to select chicken bags which are able to shelter your product and keep it fresh for prolonged period of time. Here at Swiss Pac, we have stock vacuum bags, which would be one of the best chicken and meat packaging solutions as they are able to protect the products from moisture, oxygen, odor, vapor and any other bacterial contamination.

We invented stock vacuum bags which are used to store products so they that they have longer shelf life and retain its properties. These bags would be a best packaging solution for various food products including

  • Coffee and tea

  • Meat and chicken

  • Fish packaging

  • Pet food packaging

  • Vegetables packaging

  • Cheese packaging and lots more.

In vacuum packaging, for the process for storing the food products, the excess air is removed from the package prior to the sealing. This technique prevents crushing of delicate frozen foods. We utilize seven layers of plastic, ensuring the durability of our packaging products. We use various plastic materials like LLDPE, BOPP and BOPA for producing our vacuum chicken bags. We offer stock as well as custom printed vacuum packaging bags in various shapes like side gusset bags, flat bottom bags, side seal bags and many others. Our chicken bags are also inclusive of several accessories such as

  • Zip closure

  • Tear notch

  • Euro slot

  • Degassing valve

  • Transparent window

Our stock vacuum bags have become the new way to safeguard fresh produce against moist and other harmful molecules that could spoil the products, and limit the growth of aerobic bacteria. With these bags, the freshness and taste of the chicken would be preserved for long period of time. We offer these bags in several sizes; you are free to choose the size and color of these bags as per your requirements.

If you any doubt and question for our packages, then you can feel free to contact us. We consider it our great pleasure to give the answers of your questions and very delighted to serve you at the best possible way with our packaging products.

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