Stand up pouches

stand up pouches

We have two different products for stand up pouches.One is stock or plain and second iscustom printed pouches.

For stock stand up pouches we have ready stock of stand up pouches in many different colors as shown in photos.This stock stand up pouches is best for those companies as follows.

The company who want very fast delivery or wants something overnight. Because we keep stock of stand up pouches always ready and shipped overnight. So the customer just has to make ready printed labels to stick on stand up pouches for branding their own packaging.

Who are start up company and do not want to invest in plate making cost initially

Those companies whose product range is very wide and cannot afford to invest in minimum amount of bags quantity requirement in each product by the printing company.

The companies who has many different products with different design and photos of their products printed in pouches. So in this case the cost of printing plates or cylinders to print different product images or photos is not justified initially because many cylinders are used to print images.

For those companies who require to show product photo outside the bag but at the same time they require aluminum foil metalized laminate barrier for longer shelf life and to protect against oxygen and moisture {WVTR or moisture barrier and OTR properties requirement}. For this type of requirements customer can fix printed adhesive label on the bag with their product photo so initially customer can save money on cylinder and investment is less for the customer.

This different color stand up pouches are very much useful for contract packing companies or private label manufacturing where they have flexibility to choose any color any size and any small minimum quantity to pack their goods for their customers. All this bags are ready in stock so they can get the bags any time. So they just have to order for stickers which are also fast delivered.

we have ready stock of pouches in different colors which is shown in picture on this page. We have stock bags sizes from small little 28 gram to 5 kgs. Our bag capacity is measured with coffee beans volume. For example if we want to fill powdered product in our 250 gram pouch than we can fix 500 grams of powdered product in our 250 gram size bag. So before ordering please make sure about correct size.

If good shelf life of food product filled inside is required than we need to select foil metalized barrier stand up pouches. This pouches is having the highest barrier. Second comes non metalized or window barrier bags. This pouches has medium barrier and we advise those customers who wants to show their products from window they can choose this bags. Paper bags with window are the least barrier bag. So when products packed in paper bags with window will be spoilt very fast because WVTR or moisture barrier and OTR is the least among them. For paper bags with foil lining is having good barrier resistance against water vapor and oxygen due to metalized foil lamination inside paper so packed food remains fresh for long time.

For some of the customers who is packing coffee, tea, spices, herbs and others, smell barrier pouches are required. So our foil metalized barrier pouches are having aroma retention or gas barrier properties very high. By filling products in these pouches the smell of the product is locked and so when the pouches are opened by the customer the same fresh smell is always there for the customer as if the product is packed recently.

Styles of stand up pouches

Our stock stand up pouches has different options available in style which is as

  1. Stand up pouch comes with different style on bottom. Like round bottom, k seal bottom or plow bottom with no seal just fold, k seal with bottom seal.
  2. We have different zipper options available like traditional press seal zipper. This traditional zipper is available from 8 mm to 22 mm in thickness which can be fitted in any stand up pouch. We also have many different zippers available. For more information please contact our sales team.
  3. We have different hanging options for stand up pouches available like Euro slot, Sombrero hang hole, round hole punch, butterfly style punch, die cut handle
  4. If the bags are more than 3 kgs than we have option of die cut handle. So we can make stand up pouch with zipper and die cut handle where the customer can lift the pouches from the handle which is above the zip.
  5. We have different options to select from stock stand up pouches like….
    • Both sides print {Please check available colors}
    • One side print and other side clear {Please check available colors}
    • Oval window stand up pouch which has one side oval window and other side full
    • color printing {Please check available colors}
    • Both side brown paper foil metalized from inside
    • Brown paper with rectangle window pouches.
    • Both side clear pouches.
    • Crystal clear both sides stand up pouches.

Measuring Stand Up Pouch

Flexible Packaging
Clear / Clear
Fertilizer Packaging
Matt Gold / Matt Gold
Tea Packaging
Shiny Silver / Shiny Silver
Cheese Packaging
Black / Black
Sea Food Packaging
Shiny Silver / Clear
Nuts packaging
Black / Clear
Bath Salt Packaging
Matt Gold / Clear
Salt Packaging
Matt Silver / Clear
Spice Packaging
Shiny Gold / Clear
Protein Powder Packaging
Green / Clear
Medicine Packaging
Red / Clear
Dog Food Bags
Blue / Clear
Organic Food Packaging
Green / Green
Coffee Packaging
Red / Red
Pet Food Packaging
Blue / Blue
Vegetable Packaging
Shiny Gold / Shiny Gold
Chocolate Packaging
Matt Silver / Matt Silver
Coffee Pouches
Shiny White / Shiny White
Paper Bags
Brown paper bags
/ Brown paper bags
Transparent Paper Pouches
Transparent Paper Bags
Paper Packaging
Brown Paper bags / Brown Paper bags
Bird Seed Packaging
Matt black / Matt black
Food Packaging
Matt white / Matt white
One Side Clear / One Side Brown Paper Bags With Zipper
One Side Clear / One Side Brown Paper Bags With Zipper
kraft Brown Paper Bags
High barrier paper like bags with window & zipper
Jute look Bags
Jute look High Barrier bags with zipper foil lined
Golden Fiber Bags
Jute Look High Barrier Bags
Kraft Paper Bags
Kraft brown paper bags with zipper oval window

Oval window pouches

Flexible Packaging
Food Bags
Stand Up Bags
Matt Gold
Stand Packaging
Matt Silver
Stand Up Packaging
Food Packaging
kraft Brown Paper Bags
High barrier paper
like bags with
window & zipper
Kraft Bags
Kraft brown paper
bags with zipper
oval window