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Stand Up Pouches
Stand Up Pouches

In the early days food products and other materials were stored in large leaves or animal skin to keep it fresh and clean. With the development in science and technology then came a new storing practice where products were stored in aluminum cans, paper bags, cloth bags etc but like every coin has two sides these methods has its own pros and cons. It was difficult to store moisture products in cloth and paper produced bags, aluminum cans were heavy and faced difficulty in transporting. The problems faced with the old school methods of transporting, storing and preserving food and other products with the help of technology era, there evolved a new material plastic, which is water resistant as well as solved the persisting problems.

Swiss Pac introduced Stand Up Pouches which are made of plastic. As the name suggests Stand Up pouches are the ones which have the property to stand on shelf hence giving strong and longer shelf life. These are available in variety of shapes and sizes with friendly features like zipper enclosure, tear notch, strong shelf presence, aroma retention valve for coffee beans storage, handles like T-shirt patch handle, die cut, rigid and soft look, attractive billboard for label and graphics.

These plastic Stand Up Pouches are created from oil purification process which utilizes only 4% of oil used for total world’s production. It is a biochemical manipulation of polymer, which behaves plastically with 100% virgin resins used. Stand up pouches have strong, smooth and good appearance available in many colors like blue red, green, cyan, white, black as per customer requirement which makes it more eye catchy. Even stock stand up clear pouches are available for customers with low budget value we have stock stand up pouches that are made with Calcium Carbonate and recycled materials additively to make strong bags, called impact modifier. Customers who needs easily destroyable bags then we add EPI or DW2 with 1% or 2% when extruding. Swiss Pac offers Stand Up Pouches as per customer’s needs and satisfaction.

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