Coffee bags

Coffee bags

Packaging roasted coffee is very technical. Because we have to preserve coffee from Oxygen, Moisture and coffee packaging has to have very good gas barrier properties where roasted coffee beans which is packed in bags the smell and aroma is locked and when customer opens the packet roasted coffee should smell fresh.

To pack roasted coffee beans we require bags which have one way degassing valves. After roasting we have to pack roasted beans into air tight container to preserve thearoma,taste and freshness of coffee beans. After packing coffee beans, it takes out Carbon dioxide gas for 14 days. This gas has to be released from the bag or the bagscan be puffed and blown away. Our one way degassing valve acts as gas release from the packaging. This valve has unique characteristic it allows inside air going outside but outside air cannot penetrate inside. So in this package coffee aroma stays fresh and intact.

We have to use foil barrier metalized pet lamination to pack coffee in bags because ordinary film allows air to go inside and smell of coffee is not so fresh for long time.

We have many different styles to choose in coffee bags. We have option for degassing valve fitting in any style of bags stated below. We can also have euro slot, sombrero hole, round hole, butterfly hole in coffee bags so the bags can be hanged in the stores in shelf of super market. Styles of coffee bags can be manufactured as below.

  • Side gusset bags no zipper
  • Stand up pouch with zipper
  • Side gusset seal on side no zipper
  • Quad sealed bags no zipper
  • Quad sealed bags with zipper
  • Flat bottom pouch with zipper

We have many different options available in custom printing for coffee bags. Please consult our sales team for minimum orders in custom run of coffee bags.

  • Matt finish
  • Shiny finish
  • Shiny finish and matt finish
  • Brown kraft paper {this bags looks natural, biodegradable, organic and very traditional
    after printing.}
  • White paper
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