Coffee Packaging, the way we do it

Coffee is like a morning alarm for almost 60% humans in the world. Every morning the aroma of coffee delights the consumer and makes him fresh and alive. For this aroma and taste to reach at till customers it requires perfect storage and transport. For that perfect packaging we provide special coffee bags that are ideal to store all types of coffee.

Coffee Bag
Coffee Bag

We here at Swiss Pac manufacture coffee bags that have features. . Coffee bag is also available in different patterns like stock coffee bag, custom printed coffee bag, coffee bags with valve, stand up pouch, flat bottom bag, side gusset bag, paper coffee bag, plastic coffee bag and coffee bag with zipper. Coffee bag is available for packaging of coffee powder, coffee bean, roasted coffee bean and also for the green coffee bean.

The most important characteristics of the coffee bag is it has a degassing valve. Actually this valve is not developed for the consumer but it is from the manufacturer. After coming out of the roaster freshly roasted coffee beans will emit co2 up to 24 hours. If you bagged this roasted coffee into air tight bags then is is not good for the coffee because they would quickly fill up with co2 and burst open.

The solution of this problem is very simple, do one thing let it sit out for 24 hours before packaging. Well if it were that simple we would not have coffee bags with valve today. When coffee is exposed to open air it goes stale very quickly. Because of this consumers would hardly have their coffee few days before it became tasteless. To overcome this one special thing is developed that would let the carbon dioxide out without allowing oxygen in, this is done by use of a simple valve. As a result customer around the world rejoice as coffee fresh from the roast is bagged into airtight containers that keep their wonderful coffee beans fresh.

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