Degassing Valves

degassive valve

We manufacture degassing valves used in coffee, pet food, and heavy duty powder packaging.Valve

We are the world’s first nylon filter valve manufacturer. Our valves are made with PE material.

We make degassing valves since last 20 years and had developed very precise opening and closing pressure.

Degassing valves for coffee packaging: One way degassing valves is most commonly used for roasted coffee beans packaging. After roasting coffee the coffee takes out CO2 gas for several days. This valve has to be fitted in coffee bag so CO2 gas can come out from the valve. Thus coffee beans or powder stays fresh for long time.

Degassing valves for pet food: Some pet food takes out gas for long time after manufacturing. So it is sometime impossible to pack pet food after manufacturing. If one way degassing valves are fitted than we can pack pet food immediately after manufacturing.This valve is one way so inside air can go outside but outside air cannot penetrate inside so the food stays fresh for long time. Some time there is big problem in packing bigger bags of dog food because this bag has to be stacked in transportation and in supermarket.

Bags being big in size and there is some air inside the bags cannot be stacked and then pet food manufacturer makes holes in the bags to take out air.We should never make holes into the bags because holes into the bags spoils the product taste, nutrients, and product color because oxygen can go inside the bags and starts reacting with the product. Degassing valves helps inside air comes outside and the bags are stacked and the valves are one way so any air from outside cannot go inside so the food is safe.

Jumbo bags: We can also fix valves in jumbo bags. Valves help jumbo bags to take out excess air thus saves space. We can also stack jumbo bags very easily after the air is completely out from the package. There are some advantages like the product is completely safe from outside contamination as the valve do not allow outside air go inside. So the product is totally safe from outside air with degassing valves.