Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging bags is made of multilayer films. There are two type of vacuum bags available first one is laminated vacuum bags and second is co extruded vacuum bags.

Laminated vacuum bags : Laminated vacuum bags is mainly used in custom print vacuum bags of vacuum bags. The upper layer is of BOPA {nylon film} 12 to 20 microns. This BOPA film is reverse printed with custom design with the help of rotogravure printing. Than BOPA film is laminated with LLDPE film. The printing gets sandwiched in between two layers. So there is no chance of print getting out of bag even the pouches are scratched from top. After lamination the print is sandwiched and vacuum pouch printed shines very well. We can make different styles of pouches like three side
seal bag, stand up pouch, side gusset bags, etc.

We can fix zippers in vacuum bags, euro slot, sombrero hole, round hole, cut mark etc to make vacuum pouch more visible in the shelf by hanging them.

Different type of lamination is possible in vacuum bags such as evoh, aluminum foil, metalized pet, eva etc. After lamination with foil we can make shiny gold or silver effect
vacuum packaging bags which are getting more popular in gourmet food packaging.

Co extruded vacuum bags :

Co extruded vacuum bags has their own limitation. We cannot print high graphic jobs in this type of packaging. We can only do surface printed jobs where there is a chance the print getting out and the print do not have much shine due to print is in the surface of the film.

Co extruded bags are cheaper than laminated vacuum bags. Product shelf life is not so good comparing with laminated vacuum bags. Our bags can be used to pack sea food, fish, mussels, meat, lobster, salmon fish, nuts, dates, spiecs, super foods, beef, pork, dried fruits.

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