Retort Pouches

retort pouches

Swiss Pac USA manufactures retort pouches utilizing the superior quality materials and these pouches are useful for the food packaging industry. The demand of retort bags is pretty high in the market because of its barrier properties, incredible strength and temperature tolerance. The retort packaging is compact and flexible as compared to conventional jars and cans. Retort bags are highly acclaimed because of their food preserving feature. We provide high barrier retort bags, which are very flexible and durable packaging solution for processed food and other ready to eat meals including

  • Frozen food
  • Organic food
  • Soup packaging
  • Pet food products
  • Fresh products
  • Pre- cooked meals, etc.

We are specialized in manufacturing the rotogravure custom printed retort pouches up to 9 colors. Our retort packaging bags have excellent barrier and printing characteristics, and can be exported flat, stand up and in roll structure with or without re-close ability. In the manufacturing process of our retort bags, we utilized diverse grade films like,

  • PPE
  • BOPP
  • MET
  • PE

These materials are able to offer high strength, robustness, puncture and burst resistance that allows durable retort pouches. We also add metalized or aluminium layers which are able to ensure that the freshness of the products can be maintained. Because of the convenience of their unique form, retort pouches are very easily stored and transported. So they are packaging friendly. You can contact us for an inquiry; we try our best for fulfilling your packaging requirements.