Tea Packaging Bags

Tea Packaging Bags

We manufacture different types of bags suitable for tea packaging. There is many types of tea such as organic tea, green tea, herbal tea, black tea, loose leaf tea, Chinese tea, Indian tea etc.. all these teas require special type of packaging because different tea needs different moisture and oxygen ratio. Tea is very critical to pack because we need to preserve tea smell and taste from other aromatic products because tea leaves captures other smell very fast so ultimately the taste and smell is changed if tea is not packed properly.

We have many different options to pack teas such as we can pack individual tea bags in small sachets. This is very good and popular method of packing tea because the tea bag is very safe with other smell. This Tea Packaging Bags are very popular in hotels, restaurants where the product is served single time and end customer can feel the tea is freshly opened and is fresh.

Second option will be to pack tea bags or pyramid tea bags in a stand up pouch or any big bag where multiple tea bags can go inside one bag. This option is very popular for home consumption customers because end customer can take out one tea bag from the stand up pouch and than again reseal the bag with the help of zipper. So these bags can be opened multiple time and zipped. So after zipping the tea bags inside the package is protected with smell of other products.

Traditionally tea bags was packed in boxes and inside the boxes there was again small packing was given by the manufacturers. By using this method the tea bags gets spoilt very fast and there is always chance of tea leaves getting smell of other products. Also this packaging is not very handy and if thinked logically consumption of tea packed in boxes will be less than tea packed in stand up pouch with zipper. Because in stand up pouches we can fill tea bags directly in the bags and no outer cover is required so it is very easy for customers to take out the tea bags and sometime customer can use two tea bags instead of one to make the tea stronger. Think before choosing right packaging for your products.

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