Stock Coffee Bags

For those who do not require big quantity, want fast delivery for them we have option of stock coffee bags. Our stock coffee bags with valve have many different colors to choose
from and they are ready from 28 gram size to 4 kgs. These bags are always ready in stock and we can send them very fast.

We have different colors available in coffee bags. Please check photos of what colors we have in stock. We have mainly 2 different styles in coffee bags. Stand up pouch with zipper and valve and side gusset bags with valve.

Our stock coffee bags is made from special material called metalized foil laminates which protects coffee beans or ground coffee from moisture and oxygen. So the shelf life
of packed coffee in our pouches is very good and end customer can enjoy coffee taste as if it is freshly roasted. After roasting we have to protect coffee from Light, oxygen and have to keep check the aroma or smell should stay locked in the bag.

We have designed our special coffee degassing valves which helps packed coffee to take out excess CO2 gas inside from packet. Our valve ensures that outside air cannot go inside so the taste and freshness is preserved. We are the world’s first company to design nylon filter degassing coffee valves which is very unique than others. Our nylon filter cannot get burnt even if hot coffee is filled inside the bags. Traditional paper filter sometime gets damaged when hot coffee is filled inside the pouches.

We also have special metalized lamination in our Brown and white paper bags where we get sufficient barrier to fill roasted coffee inside our paper bags. This special metalized lamination ensures coffee beans are protected from oxygen and moisture. These bags were specially developed for some of our customers who wanted natural paper look from outside and at the same time customers require good barrier properties to pack critical product like coffee.

We have special packaging for coffee pods and coffee capsules please click here for further information.
Write up for coffee pods and coffee capsules Oxygen and moisture is the enemy of coffee pods and coffee capsules where it downgrades the life of these products. We need to pack these products in way that
oxygen and moisture is kept out from the packaging of pods and capsules.

Traditionally coffee pods and coffee capsules are packed in boxes more. Boxes do not have oxygen barrier capacity and thus the product packed gets spoilt faster and the taste
of coffee is changed. To increase shelf life of coffee we need to pack in stand up pouches with zipper. We can use foil metalized lamination in stand up pouches with zipper so we can increase shelf life of coffee pods and coffee capsules. In stand up pouches after
taking out one pod or capsule we can zip the pouch multiple time again to close it and it can be air tight compared with boxes there is no facility to close the box air tight.

We can also discard outer packaging or small sachet packaging to pack individual pods so the packaging cost is saved and it is environmental friendly.

If coffee pods or coffee capsules are packed in stand up pouches than in boxes the consumption of the product will be high because the pouches are more convenient to use and thus increase in sales.

We also make custom printed rolls for individual pod packaging. We can manufacture aluminum foil laminate rolls or any custom material supply possible.

We can supply individual custom printed pre made bags or pillow pouches for coffee pods and coffee capsule packaging.

For further information please contact our sales staff.

Measuring Stand Up Pouch

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Measuring a side Gusset Pouch

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