Spout Pouches

There is new revolution now in liquid packaging called spout pouches. In past liquid was
packed in rigid containers, plastic containers, glass bottles, plastic bottles. This entire
product consumes huge plastic and it is very difficult to dispose bottles and containers
after usage due to this product is bulky in nature and requires more space to dispose.

Now we introduce spout pouches. Our pouches consume less plastic so it is
environmentally friendly packaging and they are recyclable. These pouches are cheaper
than bottles and containers and we can print 360 degree high graphical images.

Transportation of spout pouches is very easy compared with bottles and containers. In
one truck we can ship 700000 spout pouches compared with 100000 bottles. So we save
fuel and environment. These pouches are really very easy to handle and requires less
man power in production than bottles due to non bulky in nature. There is less breakage
while transporting the filled product if filled in spout pouches than glass bottles or plastic
bottles. So overall it saves lots of money.

We can fix any type of spout cork in pouches. Screw cap should be selected keeping the
product density and size of the pouch. Please call our sales for spout selection.

We can give filling from pouch and filling from spout pouches.

Filling from pouch: We can fill the pouch with funnel from the pouch. The pouch is top
open so after filling product from pouch with fennel we have to heat seal the pouch with
the help of heat sealer. There is a fully automatic machine available for filling spout

Filling from spout : We can fill the pouch with funnel from spout and apply cap. If we
want to fill product from spout than we need minimum 15mm diameter of spout so fennel
can go inside the pouch. This style is good for manual filling because we do not have to
use heat sealer after filling the product.

All our spout pouches come with temper evident ring.

We also have stock spout pouches in different sizes and colors. Our size of spout pouch
starts from 100ml to 1 liter. For stock spout pouches our minimum quantity is 1000
pouches. This spout pouches come with red, green, blue, black, clear colors etc.